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Your P-38 Lightning Newsletter is amazing. Frankly speaking I did not expect that much  information in each issue. You are doing a really good job!

- AH (Sweden)

Wow! I enjoyed every article and made copies of the P-38 color project for the grand children.  Thanks a bunch.

- MR (CA)

Beautiful job, Kelly. Enjoyed every word of your report. I like your writing style.

-JO (CA)

Fabulous! Fabulous!

- SK

I am in awe of your marvelous service, and so are many others.  Attagirl is the least kudos you should have.

- JS (OH)

Kelly, thanks for the Newsletter.  Please keep them coming. Only been 62 years since my last ride.

-DL (IN)

You are doing great work!


I really enjoy the P-38 newsletter!


EXCELLENT NEWSLETTER!!!! Thanks very very much!

HVdM (Netherlands)


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Best edition yet!  Really!   There’s so much great stuff in here.  Please keep up the great work.

- Stephen Rodolf  

Love the news letters. Keep up the good work...

- MW (A UK P-38 fan)

Congratulations on this's a beauty!


The only publication I look forward to receiving these days.


What a great newsletter this is. Thanks for all the hard work it is amazing what you put together.  Wow.


Many thanks for another full-bodied newsletter. Once again, I'm very impressed with what you achieve every month. (The images of the White Lightnin' are awesome.)


Thanks for all this rich info ! ! !

-BT (KS)

This issue is a knock out.  Keep up the great job!!!!!! 

- SZ (FL)

Thank you for the newsletter; I look forward to each communication.


Great newsletter!


Congratulations on another great issue !!  Good work !

- BT (OK)